What Packing Supplies Do You Need For Your Move

If you are going to move and you want to be sure that everything you own arrives in your new

home in good condition without a single scratch on it, you’ll need to follow a good moving plan

and find reliable Howell Township movers. You will need a good strategy for packing and good

moving supplies. You can cut down on moving costs if needed depending on how you get your

moving supplies.

Just remember that you could be increasing your labor time if you choose to double wrap some

objects. Your unpacking time will increase if you commit some common packing mistakes like

using newspapers for padding as this can lead to dirty dishes. Your time is precious and paying

a little extra can save you a lot of time and buy you peace of mind.

Assuming you already know which of your household goods you are moving, you will also need

to find out which of your things will need specialized packing. You will base this on how fragile

the items are, how awkwardly they are shaped, or how big and heavy they are. Once you know

what these items are, list down their measurements and buy the packing supplies you need.

You can find all sorts of packing supplies by visiting local Howell Township moving companies.

Additionally, you can check out office supply outlets, or the mail service store but if you really

want variety, shop online. When you shop online, you can find more specialized packing

supplies and even compare prices. Some packing suppliers only sell in bulk so be sure to check

first if you can buy small quantities.

If you are looking to save money and don’t mind putting in more time, you can visit your local

groceries and liquor stores and see if they can spare some extra boxes for you. Make sure you

give the store owner some weeks notice so they can put aside boxes for you. You could also

ask when these stores are expecting large shipments and when they are scheduled to finish

unpacking them. Keep in mind that retail boxes are very large and it may be difficult to secure

objects inside them.

One more way to save time and money is to prepare all the basic supplies you will need to pack

your whole household. Consider buying packing kits and moving kits from Howell Township

moving companies or online. These are helpful for packing specific rooms or the whole house.

For reference, here is what you would typically need for a 2800 square-foot home:

● 5 Heavy duty moving boxes

● 4 Extra large moving boxes

● 10 Large moving boxes

● 10 Medium moving boxes

● 20 Small moving boxes

● 6 Wardrobe boxes

● 1 Electronics box

● 150 feet of bubblewrap

● 2 Permanent box markers

● 7 Box sealing tape

For most households, the aforementioned items will be enough but if you have special items like

framed paintings, large mirrors, and office equipment, you will need specialty boxes. These are

tougher and your items will fit in them better as well. Many of these boxes have frame protectors

which will add extra protection for your things.

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